Developing for Mobile

Ever since smartphones became popular a few years back, websites have seen an upward trend in mobile and tablet device traffic. It started out small but as affordability of smartphones, mobile data, and availability of WiFi became prominent, the amount of traffic websites get from mobile devices became more and more significant. Today, a lot of websites get more traffic from these sources than laptops or desktops.

With that in mind, when developing a website it is important to always think about how it will look on mobile. Each piece of content and functionality that you put up you should consider if it will display properly on a mobile phone. Because if not, more or less you will lose that traffic and the user forgets about your site. That in mind, here’s a few things to remember when developing a website for mobile.

Size Matters for Mobile Websites

If a user opens your site on a mobile smartphone and finds the text too small, they’d most likely leave and look for the information/product that they are looking for somewhere else. You’d be lucky if the user has the patience to zoom in and out just to read and navigate through the site. So remember to keep the text readable on mobile viewports.

That being said, images and videos should also be sized properly for mobile that it fits the screen without having to scroll around. Buttons should be appropriately sized as well so that the user doesn’t struggle to click on it.

Text Entry for Mobile Websites

It is a lot more difficult to input text when viewing a website from a mobile phone. This is because the keyboard would take up half the screen and users may lose view of what they are writing. So it is best to minimize this and offer buttons, drop down menus, and checklists instead.

Create Sections of your Mobile Website

When you have long and dragging pages, try to break it up into sections and offer button navigation to get to the next section. In this way it provides less clutter and it is easier for the user to read the content.

Simplify your Mobile Website

When developing for mobile websites, the main trick to remember is to take your existing desktop design and simplify it. Take away things that can be taken away and just leave the information and functions needed by the user in order to convert. Make it easy for your users and visitors, and they will reward you back!

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