Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

2018 is about to say farewell in a few short weeks and a new year is upon us! So what should we expect in 2019? For one, we can expect a closure in Thanos’ saga once Avengers 4 hits theaters. But from a digital marketing standpoint, there’s a lot of new things that we can look forward to. Here are some technologies that we can expect to grow and become even more popular next year.

Chatbots for Digital Marketing

While not a new technology at all, chatbots have actually been around for decades. The main difference today is how sophisticated they are now to the extent that they can actually recognize certain words and patterns and reply accordingly. This gives the illusion that customers are actually talking with a real person! And it doesn’t matter really, as long as customers get the information they need then everything is fine.

There are a lot of chatbots available for use on your websites nowadays with varying prices. Facebook even has this option for business pages as well. And as 2019 rolls in, expect that the use of chatbots for digital marketing will become more and more prevalent.

Personalized Search in Digital Marketing

Not so long ago, people used search engines way differently. For example, if a user is trying to find a good place to eat in Makati City they’d simply type “Makati restaurants” and they are given a bunch of restaurant review websites that lists different restaurants in Makati and their corresponding user ratings. This is especially true before smartphones were involved. But now, with ever-changing algorithms and new technologies, search queries are changing as well. Users now use the term “restaurants near me” more often than inputting a specific location in the search query.

As you can imagine, this is a challenge for digital marketing and SEO as it gives a whole new dynamic for search. Instead of positioning oneself through the use of keywords, businesses need to be more aware of how they can be found such as the use of local listing, Google maps, etc. All of these things lend to search engines tagging your business in that particular location and whenever someone uses the vague “restaurants near me” search term, you’d be among the search results.

Search engines, particularly Google, are focusing more and more on personalized service in order to enhance the user’s experience. This means more sophisticated algorithms and technologies. And this means more work for digital marketers to adjust and adapt. And speaking of personalized service…

Dynamic Content in Digital Marketing

This has become a strong trend in cyberspace. Digital marketers need to serve personalized experiences to their users now to at least capture the interest of the target market. Now, this might still be difficult in certain channels such as social media websites, but putting a bit of effort into the messaging to make it seem more personal goes a long way.

One of the channels personalized messaging is very popular is through email. With the use of dynamic content, digital marketers can serve relevant content to their subscribers based on their profiles instead of a generic newsletter stuffed with everything and anything going on about the organization. This enhances a campaign’s efficiency significantly.

These are some of the main trends coming for 2019. But, it’s going to be a long year. Continue to keep your eyes out for anything new. The digital landscape changes so fast so it pays to keep up and be ready to roll with the punches.

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