Building a Brand Online

Building a brand online can waste a lot of resources if you are not careful. You see, there are a lot of rabbit holes that can suck away at your time and money while trying to do digital campaigns. You might find a new trend and try it out. Or maybe someone advises you to focus on a particular campaign. Whatever the reason may be, it is easy to get stuck doing something that is not really helpful for the brand. And before you know it, it has become a routine.

It may not be an easy task but it is not rocket science either. In building a brand online what you have to focus on is the customer and there’s three things to focus on.

Getting the Customer to know your Brand Online

The first step is for your target market to actually know that your brand exists. Since you know your product best and have an idea on who you want to sell to, then try to think in their shoes. Where would they be hanging out? Where is the best place to inform them that you exist? These are the questions that you have to answer either through research or doing your own testing. Or better yet, both.

Now it is so easy to answer this by going out and producing channels in all social media platform, all networking sites, forums, commenting on various blogs, and advertising blindly through PPC models. But this is exactly the rabbit whole you want to avoid. If you have 10 channels to manage then only two things can happen: you spend too much time in managing these profiles with little to no benefit because your resources are spread too thin; or you simply neglect managing any of the profiles.

It is important to find out what channels should your online brand be on. If it’s a B2B brand then social channels such as LinkedIn may be best suited for you. If it’s related to pop culture then probably Facebook and Twitter. Visually appealing brands can consider Instagram and/or Pinterest.

Now there is no harm in creating a profile in all of these just to see which works best. As I said earlier, it is a good idea to do your own tests as well to find out where the audience for your online brand is. Once you get that information, focus on that and that’s where you let them know about your brand.

Customer Experience with your Online Brand

Now that your target audience knows that you exist, you will now have to serve them once they convert on your ads or messaging. More often than not, you will be directing them to your website to have them convert.

Conversion can be any action that you want your audience to do. It can be to purchase a product from you or to sign up for your newsletter. Whatever the purpose of the campaign, what matters is that your website traffic actually converts. To do this, you must provide them with a seamless experience online.

This means that the information they may want before converting should be easily accessible. If they want to learn more about your brand first before making a decision, it should be available and easy to find. They should be able to navigate through your website with ease and find the right information in a click or two.

Next, once they are ready to convert, the process should be simple and painless. There shouldn’t be any unnecessary steps or complicated instructions. Make it easy for them to give you what you want.

Provide Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is very important as it can give your brand more returning customers and hence, an increase in conversions. Now it is up to you on what can you provide to maintain a customer’s loyalty.

Of course a good product and experience is a given. But what more can you offer?

How about personalize reminders of similar purchases? As an example, with one online flower shop I encountered, they sent a message to their customers who bought flowers for anniversaries or birthdays reminding them that they can make that purchase again on a yearly basis. Or an online shop selling perishable goods would have an estimate when their customer should purchase again.

Other ways is to provide customers with freebies or discounts based on certain parameters. That’s always a good way to build up loyalty.

Another is to provide the extra service of interesting or useful articles based on their profile.

Again, there is no single way to success here. Research and testing on what works best is the way to find out which to use.

In building a brand online, these three are the basic things you have to think about and execute well. It takes time and energy to accomplish but it will be well worth it.

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