Web development

need a website? let me help you build one that is specific for your business.

Importance of web development

Everyone now has easy access to the internet. If your business is not online, then you are missing on a lot of opportunities. While having social media platforms and pages can help, a website is what you really want. This is the foundation of any good digital marketing campaign. 

Remember, your website is your own space on the internet. 



Wordpress CMS

I primarily work with WordPress CMS along with licensed themes to provide you with the ability to easily update your own content moving forward. 


Being on the internet is not enough, your website needs to be found. I make sure that every website I build adheres to proper SEO standards and guidelines. 


Maintenance and Security

I use the best practices to keep your website secure and working as best as it can. I can also help you with maintaining the website to make sure nothing goes wrong.

With the right website, the right content, and the right strategy, we can turn your traffic into customers.

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Day to Day of a Freelancer

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Always Have a Backup

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