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I provide several digital marketing services. See below for descriptions of what I can help you with.

What I Do

website Management

Your website is the main representation of your business on the internet. There are so many things you can do once you have a website. It is a place for potential customers to learn about who you are. You can sell your products and service. And it can be the center of many campaigns across the internet.

I can help you with building and managing your website. From making simple content changes to redoing sections of the website, I can do that for you.

And, if you do not have a website yet, I can even help you build one using WordPress.

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article writing

Blog articles play a pivotal role in any business. It allows them to showcase their industry knowledge. This will help potential customers see that the company has the capabilities and background to deliver the product or service they need.

Articles also allow businesses to provide news and updates about the organization. If they built a new product, delivered a service to a prominent client, or ran a 10K for a cause, all of these should be posted on the website’s blog.

I can help you write these blog articles.

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Online Advertising

One of the fastest ways to get the attention of your target market is through online advertising. There are many platforms to do this and I mainly concentrate on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

I can help you create ads for your business and display them through these platforms. At the same time, I will continuously monitor everything that is happening through reports. Based on the data, I can make the right adjustments to help improve the performance of the ads.

When it comes to online advertising, my style is very data-driven. I will choose a content or an image for the ad because the data shows it works better. 

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search engine optimization

A big part of websites today is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This basically means doing what you can in order to get the top spots in search engine results pages. The higher you are in these pages, the better traffic you will get.

I can help in on-site SEO which basically means creating ways to improve the content of the website and how it’s displayed to get better rankings on Google and other search engines.

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Data Analytics

As I mentioned earlier, I am a very data-oriented person. I believe in looking at data and analyzing the story that it says before making business decisions. In my experience, data-backed decisions are the most effective.

I can help you analyze and read the data you have so that you can get a better understanding of your digital marketing efforts.

And if you don’t have data yet, I can help set that up for you so we can start collecting.

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Content Marketing

I started out as a content writer before learning all these other skills. With that, one of my favorite approaches to digital marketing is using content.

I believe that with the right content, we can string together a beautiful story that can help show potential customers the value of your company’s products or services.

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