Above the Fold – Does it Matter?

Above the fold content originally referred to the top portion of the newspaper that you can clearly see without having to unfold it. Like in the main image, you can easily see the headline and some of the most important information without have to touch the newspaper. It can sit in its rack and the text is visible. This is why it is considered prime real estate.

The same can be said with the top portion of websites. When you open a website, whether its home page, an inner page, or a landing page, the first view without scrolling is known as the above the fold area. Web designers, developers, and digital marketers have all spent many hours thinking about the perfect caption or the best content to place here. But with the recent trends on technology such as faster internet and mobile technology, does the above the fold area still matter?

The fact of the matter is, yes it matters more than ever. We now live in the age of information at your fingertips. People want to know something, they want to know it fast. Quick. Easy. No effort in achieving what is needed right at that moment. So when it comes to website’s above the fold area, this is more important than ever.

The main difference today than before is instead of providing them with more information to read and digest, you have to give what they need on a silver platter.

If you are a legal website for example and a user gets to your website, more often than not, they are looking for legal counsel. They aren’t there to read your blogs or go through what cases you’ve done. It’s good to have them there in case they do want to read it, but that goes below the fold. At the above the fold area, provide them with a quick and easy way for them to contact you and you will be the one to provide all the information they need based from their initial contact.

This can be a form or a simple button that directly contacts your office number. What ever the case may be, it should be a quick and easy action that will lead you talking to the person. Instant potential client.

While this may not right true to all websites in all industries, the basic premise is there. People get to your website because they need something. Don’t let them go through tons of texts or hours of videos to get to that call to action. Have it above the fold.

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