What Does Social Media Mean to a Brand

Social Media has significantly changed how people communicate with each other. It allowed people to be updated with their friends and family right then and there. No delays, no time difference. Want to know what ever happened to that friend from high school? Add him/her up on Social Media. Need to send some photos to everyone in the family? No problem, send it in a group chat through Social Media. Information has never been this easy to disseminate and receive.

So, if people can be updated about the people they care about in an instant, can brands do the same? Short answer is, yes!

Keeping “Fans” Updated

At the most basic model, brands are allowed to have their own profiles or pages on Social Media. People would have an option to become a “fan” or follow that brand’s page. Anytime a brand has something to announce, information appears at all their follower’s stream of data.

So take for example a smartphone brand. A person following that brand would either have a model of their product or is at least interested in purchasing their product. By sending out messages about their product, it reinforces their loyalty to the brand and might decide to purchase from them once they are ready to get a new smartphone.

Brand and Customer Relationship

Essentially this is what it is all about. Social Media is a way for brands to create and take care of their relationship with customers. As I was writing this post I actually saw a pretty good example of this, a post by a fast-food restaurant from the Philippines

The post was done to promote one of their products which gets a decent number of likes which shows interest in the product. But what is telling here is in one of the comments.

A customer details a terrible experience concerning the service from one of the restaurant’s branches. For some, they might see this as a bad press since other people can see this. But the restaurant actually turned a negative into a positive by responding to the message.

First off, they apologized for what happened. Next, they offered to file the incident formally so that they can address the issue but the customer needs to fill out an online form.

This does a number of things:

  1. A chance to assuage the customer
  2. It shows other followers of the page that the brand cares
  3. Reinforce the relationship
  4. And this helps them to build a more detailed online database of customers

Brands Should Have Social Media

Social Media is not just a tool to promote the latest products or services of a brand, it is a unique and powerful tool to build a relationship with customers and potential customers. It can be tricky and time-consuming, but the benefit of being able to interact with customers is a huge deal for any type of brand.

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