Social Media Noise

Social Media has become a popular channel for business. It has been for many years now. Ever since the first person created a promotion of their business on social media, it’s become an invaluable tool. Digital marketers today always tell prospective clients “Oh you don’t have social media channels?! But you must!” Essentially the belief is that if people can’t find you on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, your business will get left behind.

There is truth to that. But that’s not the challenge I am talking about. I am not writing this piece to tell you how much social media means to companies and small businesses today. The challenge with social media is that everyone is on social media.

Take a moment to realize this. When you open your Facebook app for example, how fast are you scrolling through it? Do you give every post a minute or even 10 seconds to read through it? More often than not, your answer would be no. You, me, and like most other people scroll through social media so fast that you don’t process all the information you see.

And why would you? Not all of this information is relevant to you. Not all of this information is needed at this moment. And that’s exactly the challenge in social media marketing today. There’s just so many people raising their arms waving colorful flags and shouting “HEY! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! MAKE ME RELEVANT!”

It’s like when you walk through Ximending in Taipei or Dotonbori in Osaka. There are so many salesmen vying for your attention, well actually, your money. And that’s what it’s all about, making a sale.

But, when launching a social media campaign, you are up against not just your competitors, you are up against EVERYTHING that is out there. You are competing for your target audience’s attention against a meme that makes them laugh. Or a news post about a tiger dying in a zoo halfway across the world because it makes them sad. Or maybe a political post that will make them feel angry and triggered.

With so many noise out there today, people only give more than a few seconds to posts that make them feel something. Content that elicits an emotional response. It is no longer enough just to have the right content for your audience. You have to stand out to them. Give them a reason to read your post. Provide a compelling enough argument for them to consume your content. Once you get their attention, don’t waste it.

As I am typing this I’m thinking, how will I share this so people will care enough to read this? Well, you got to the end didn’t you? So I guess I did my job right.

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