Evergreen Content and Why it is Important

What is evergreen content? It is the type of content that does not become obsolete or stale for the foreseeable future. It is the foundation, the cornerstone content of a website. It is also an important piece of content why new visitors will come to a website.

This is the opposite of the previous article which discusses seasonal content. While seasonal content will have an expiry date wherein it becomes non-relevant for at least the rest of the year, evergreen content will always (there are exemptions of course) be relevant to potential traffic of a website.

Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

The answer to this question has already been mentioned actually. It forms the foundation of the website. It is the information that all the other information is based around. It is the main topic of the site and this is why visitors come there in the first place.

As the name implies, it is always green or abundant because it can always lead to conversions. This piece of content should be the minimum amount needed in order to convince visitors to convert to the website’s products or services.

Examples of Evergreen Content

A good example of evergreen content for a website is the page or pages that describe what the website or organization is all about. The most common would be the About Page which talks about the background of the organization, what their goals are, and why visitors should care.

In line with that, page or pages that describe what the website is offering can also be considered as evergreen content. The services page of this website is a good example. It is a page that describes what the organization can do for the visitor if he/she converts. For the foreseeable future, this will not change unless the entire service offering of the company changes.

There are a lot of other examples out there and would depend on the industry of the website. Take for example a website that deals with international trade and commerce, they could have an article detailing the basic premise of international trade and that can be considered evergreen content.

Another example would be a dentist’s website having an article about the importance of tooth care and why people should visit their dentist at least once a year. Or a travel website detailing travel tips for their customers. In these samples, the content is or would be important for the website’s traffic anytime they visit the site. It is evergreen. It is always relevant. And it could be enough to convince the visitor to convert.

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