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What Does Social Media Mean to a Brand

Social Media has significantly changed how people communicate with each other. It allowed people to be updated with their friends and family right then and there. No delays, no time difference. Want to know what ever happened to that friend from high school? Add...

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Sample Article: What are Advance Cash Loans?

In times where you immediately need the money but your next pay check is a few days or a couple of weeks from now, advance cash loans can help you.  Some people live from one paycheck to another, getting by each month knowing that the next time money comes it’ll be...

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The Most Important Metric

Users, visits, goals, bounce rate, there are so many metrics and data available about a website. A lot of details are recorded and available to webmasters and business owners for them to look at and interpret to make the best decision on their website. However, it can...

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Evergreen Content and Why it is Important

What is an evergreen content? It is the type of content that does not become obsolete or stale for the foreseeable future. It is the foundation, the cornerstone content of a website. It is also an important piece of content why new visitors will come to a website.

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Seasonal Content Relevant to the Times

The world of the internet is there to deliver information. That information can take many different forms but what matters is that users find the right information at the right time. And that’s one of the tricks, give what users want at the right time. What this means...

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Building a Brand Online

Building a brand online can waste a lot of resources if you are not careful. You see, there are a lot of rabbit holes that can suck away at your time and money while trying to do digital campaigns. You might find a new trend and try it out. Or maybe someone advises...

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Sample Write Up New York SEO

Search Engine Optimization has one goal: to increase the traffic of a target or client website. This is the main and only purpose of SEO. And it can be difficult to do. This is especially true if you do not know the basic concepts, principles and methods on how to do...

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Sample Write Up: Canon Powershot Review

The following article is a sample one I wrote a few years back. It is a review of a camera and has emphasis in using the name as a keyword. Canon Powershot S95 Review The Canon Powershot S95 is a slim and powerful camera. It has several features that both professional...

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Sample Write Up: Detox Diet

The goal of doing a detox diet is to get rid of unwanted chemicals and waste build ups in your body. By doing so, you eliminate toxins, contaminants and other elements that can cause serious health problems for your body. In other words, a detox diet is a way to...

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