Our Running Achievements

A couple of months ago I posted that I started running with my wife. It felt awesome. I ended that post by saying with signed up for a 10k after completing our 5km fun run. Since then we actually ran two 10k runs!

The original 10k run with signed up for was with RunRio Leg 3 dated late September. Since our 5k run was in July, we had two months to train and get ready for it.

In the middle of it all, we suddenly found Gilas Run, a fun run for a cause that aims to raise awareness about Muscular Dystrophy. The run was scheduled for early September and we only had a week left when we found the ad. Feeling confident after a month’s training, we signed up immediately. And we finished!

We loved the experience and excitement of it all. And what we appreciated the most was that in every run, you start to learn more and more about yourself. Before the gun start, we were very nervous and anxious. We didn’t know how to prepare or what to do.

Once the horn blared, we simply let our instincts take over. I just told my wife to get to a comfortable pace and I’ll be there by her side along the way. Don’t let anyone bother you and just run for yourself since there is no competition in this race. Whether we finish in 30min or 3 hours, we’d get our finisher’s medal and be able to do our part for the cause. So we ran. 20min into the race, we suddenly felt different. We got into a great groove. We just kept on running and running and running. We barely stopped for a breather or walked.

I will never forget the feeling we got when we reached the finish. It was overwhelming joy and pride that we did it and we achieved it together.

Today, we each have two medals and three runs under our belts. I know our achievements pale in comparison to others. But, we don’t do it to compete. We do this for ourselves. We run together side by side, happy, towards the finish line. To me, that’s the biggest goal of it all.

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