My Proudest Moment in Running

We participated in RunRio Leg 3 in September 2019. This was our second 10k run ever. The first was also in September of that year for Gilas Run. During the Gilas Run, we found our pace. We found our running style. And we found our confidence. We brought that going into RunRio Leg 3.

What we were unable to do was train like we did before Gilas Run. There was a two-week interval between these two events and during that time, we didn’t train as much due to circumstances outside of our control (rain and work). But we carried our confidence and desire to finish coming into the RunRio Leg 3 event.

Once the gun start sounded, we found ourselves at an unusual pace. We got carried away and running harder than we should. At the same time, we did not hit the bathroom before the gun start so we were desperately looking for a bathroom. We also did not bring our canteens not realizing there are no cups in water stations.

We found that we learn something every time we went to a running event. Needless to say, we learned the most during this run.

We did find solutions to most of our initial problems. We found a gas station at about the 3rd KM which had a bathroom and convenience store. We bought a couple of Gatorade so we can also use them for water refills later on.

From then on we tried to get into our groove. While the speed and cadence were there, we knew something was off. We already burned more than we expected due to our faster than usual start and our focus wasn’t as good.

But the most difficult part was in the last two kilometers. My wife really started to struggle. But she knew the finish line was near. She dug down deep and gutted through it.

A lot of times during our training sessions I would tell her “there are times you dig down deep and give it your all” in a fun manner. She would laugh.

At that moment I saw in her eyes. She found her resolve. Digging down deep, refusing to give up. She did not stop.

The main difference between Gilas Run and RunRio Run is that in the former, you get a medal as long as you finish. In RunRio, there was a cut-off time of 2 hours. Of course, we wanted to get the medal. In the last 2km, I think we had about 20min left.

Even with her legs sore and lungs burning, my wife pushed through all that and started running again. The picture below shows everything you need to know. That’s the face of someone who overcame the challenge she faced and pushed past it.

She found that spring in her step! It was beautiful.

So, in our experience of running for a few months now, I can say that this is my proudest moment ever. And it would be very difficult to top that.

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