I Started Running with my Wife

It is no secret that I love to bike. My wife knows how to but is uncomfortable in riding a bike on the road (especially Metro Manila roads). So I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to convince her to take up the same sport. But one day, I was doing a quick training near our condo, I saw a woman jogging the same route. I had an epiphany.

Once I got home I told my wife, why not start running? So at least we can exercise together. I had a lot of points and statements to convince her why this is a good idea but as soon as I opened up the subject, she was all for it! I was so very excited. The only challenge was waking up at least 2 hours earlier than normal.

So me and the wife started running together on the amenities floor of our condo. One lap is about 200 meters. Our initial goal was to run at least 100 meters of each lap for 8 laps. It was tough, to say the least. We scheduled our runs every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

In order to keep us motivated, we decided to sign up for a 5KM fun run. I know that doesn’t sound like much but it’s a huge start for us as beginners in running. And even if I did bike, I’ve always known that running is a whole different animal. I always said I’d rather bike 100KM rather than run 1KM. It was hard but we kept pushing through to get in shape!

When our race kits arrived, it motivated us even more and we tried it immediately.

Me: 12 laps?
Wife: Seriously?

We started upping our run each time we went out. Challenging ourselves to get further and further each time we ran. In the first couple of weeks, we’d only get to about 2-2.5KM. Then we started hitting 3KM. Then 4KM!

One time, we weren’t able to run due to bad weather in the morning. Once my wife came home, we decided to run during the night. And we did a new route by going to a big corporate complex a few blocks from our condo building. We started running around the complex and we hit almost 5KM that night!

Our confidence started building and our run started becoming faster. Funny enough this was the only time we thought of watching YouTube videos and reading articles on proper running form, technique, and training methodology. Fortunately, we were apparently doing things right!

The night before our fun run, we prepared all our clothes and stuff. We conditioned our minds. And we prepared bananas for our breakfast. We woke up early morning and proceeded towards the venue. Since this is our first time to do any form of fun run we were a bit perplexed and confused on where to go and what to do. But credit to the organizers, RunRio Inc., we were able to figure things out on our own!

Our group was called to the line. There were hundreds of people. And gun start! We gave it our all. Of course, we didn’t run all the way there were sections we still walked, but we were laser-focused and determined to finish our goal!

Once we were on the road going back to the finish line, we felt strong and confident. Until the intersection that said 5KM runners have to turn right. There was one more stretch! Just when you thought the end was in sight. I simply told myself that this is where you give your heart into it. This is where we dig down deep. Just like the last climb of a mountain.

At long last, the end was in sight. We decided to finish strong and ran as fast as we can for the last 100 meters. Crossing the finish line was so surreal.

We were able to finish the entire course in less than an hour so we got our certificates. It felt so happy and fulfilling. It felt so good that once we got home, we signed up for a 10KM run.

Cheers to more runs with you my wife. We’ll always do this together.

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