It’s All Because of Her

Since I was born, I’ve only left the Philippines twice. Once in 1993 to go to Hong Kong with my family, and once in 2008 to go to Singapore for another vacation. But since 2017, I’ve been privileged enough to travel multiple times in one year. I was able to take in different cultures around Asia and try different food! Just like the different travel shows I watch, I tried the local cuisines and experienced and learned something new.

And it’s all because of my future wife, Mei.

Granted, a few of my travels in 2017 were work-related but I would have never been in that position if I never met Mei. I chose to try and become more stable and ended up with a great organization.

Oh, and my final interview for that organization was DURING my first out-of-the-country trip with Mei. We went to Hong Kong and as you have it, I was able to meet the CEO of my future work for a final interview. How things align.

She then took me to all of these places I only dreamed about going to. Some of which I would write about soon and share my wonderful experiences. But for now, I just want to say thank you to you, Mei. And I love you.

Here’s to more adventures together as we grow old walking and exploring cities side by side (like our pic when we arrived in Hong Kong and looking for our hotel).


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