I Got Married!

May 19, 2019. A date which I will never forget. A date that held an event I never thought would happen. I got married to the most wonderful person in the world: Mei.

There is no intention in this blog post other than to write what I feel. And of course, there is nothing I feel more than love and awe with my wife. With that, Mei, I want to thank you first and foremost. Thank you for being a wonderful person. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life; for being my life. Thank you for making me the best version of myself. Most of all. Thank you for being you. There is no other reason I married you other than because that’s you.

The second feeling is gratitude. I spent the night with all the people I cherish the most. My family. My friends. My new family. And my new friends. Thank you all for sharing that day with us. Each and every one of you took part in molding us into who we are now. Each experience is important to get to where we are now. So thank you all.

Hearts of Jesus and Mary

For the wedding itself, I have no words other than perfect. The church is beautiful. Very elegant and the size was just right. Most of all, air con!

The singer during the event was very very good. Amazing voice.

To be completely honest these couple of hours feel like a haze to me. I know I had a couple of great conversations with family and friends while waiting. The feeling was great. But for the life of me, I cannot remember every detail.

I do remember though, feeling happy and not a bit nervous walking down the aisle. I then watched our entourage walk down as well, remembering important moments I shared with them before as they walked. Then it was the kids’ turn. I remember thinking they’re so cute and I was so proud of each one of them. Little boys and girls just enjoying life.

Then I remember seeing my new mom and dad stop in the middle of the aisle and I thought “What comes next again?” My whole world suddenly stopped. I knew it was her turn to walk down the aisle. It felt like an eternity before they opened the doors; when they did…I can’t describe the joy I felt. She’s so beautiful.

I knew I was about to cry…so thank you dad for taking a bullet for me as he broke down in tears before I did. 😀

Everything else went by quickly. I was just so happy.

Felicidad Mansion

The reception was amazing as well. The food was great. Drinks were aplenty (special thanks to Ate Apple and “Tito” Philip). And the service, I have no words on how great they were.

The highlight however would be the band. We had a four-string quartet play my playlist of 60s to 90s rock and roll music. Apparently, the band loved my playlist so much they played with extra gusto and a few extra songs!

Fortunately, everyone else loved the music too! It was a non-stop barrage of compliments about the band.

It was during their last song I witnessed and started to get to know a beautiful young man who would be my cousin-in-law. He has a wonderful soul and we were somehow kindred spirits. I would blog about him separately.

Of course, the food also got a lot of compliments and the staff as well. It was a wonderful night.

With that, I would like to thank all of our suppliers:

And of course, to my new brother-in-law, who helped us out a great deal in planning and creating our perfect wedding: Thank You, Jeff Galang.

Could have missed a couple so I’ll add them as I remember.

One of the things I loved about what we did was that the program was very minimal. Both I and my wife aren’t really center stage type people. We prefer mingling with our family and friends instead. So after a few quick things like cake cutting and letting anyone and everyone who wants to speak do so, we just ate and drank the entire night to celebrate!

As I told Mei a lot of times by now, how I wish I could’ve attended our wedding as a guest as well!

Life as a Married Man

I have one goal as a married man; to keep my family happy. Whatever it takes. Right now I feel like the best way to do that is to be available for my wife. To take care of our home. And to feed her. Now I try my best to be a work-from-home husband so that I can take care of both my profession and our new home. I would be blogging about my journey as a home-based husband soon.

Overall, I have never been happier than in the past couple of months. My daily routine consists of looking for new clients, working on current projects, and doing household chores before the wife gets home.

All I hope is to keep my wife happy and to have a happy kid in God’s time. And maybe at that time, I’d be launching a new blog: The HouseDad

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