I Feel you Thor: Depiction of Depression


So, I watched Avengers: Endgame. Twice already actually. It was a nice movie that ties a beautiful bow onto the stories of some of our favorite heroes onscreen.

But I am not here to discuss what happened between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Mad Titan, Thanos. I’m here to discuss one thing that I have not seen anyone comment on about the movie; Thor’s suffering.

As you might recall, Thor lost his hammer Mjolnir. Even though it was replaced by a bigger, badder weapon in Stormbreaker, Mjolnir was still his first.

He also suffered the losses of his mother, Frigga, his Father Odin, step-brother Loki, The Warriors Three, Sif, most of Asgard, and apparently, he had a falling out with the woman he loves, Jane Foster. So what did he do after Thanos famously snapped his fingers? He went into seclusion.

In a funny, but deep scene in Avengers: Endgame, Rocket Raccoon and Professor Hulk go to New Asgard, formerly T√łnsberg in Norway, to enlist Thor in their chance to right everything.

Once they get inside his house we see Thor hanging out with Korg and Miek. We find that Thor has turned to alcohol, having barrels of finished beer outside his house and bottles of other drinks inside. He has let himself go with his hair and beard growing out of control. And in a comedic moment, they showed that Thor has also forgone his workouts apparently and he is now fat.

The whole theater laughs. His weight gain was also the butt of a couple of jokes. “You look like melted ice cream.”

This indeed was a funny and light-hearted part of Endgame. Until you think about it.

Thor letting himself go and turning to alcohol are clear signs of what guilt, loss, and grief can do to a person. He even has deep-seated anger issues as well when he lashes out at a troll in Fortnite. It is clear Thor is being depicted as having at least Manic Depression. He even had an anxiety attack while he was back in 2013 timeline’s Asgard.

Although it is not the best, it is nevertheless a good example of how depression and anxiety can affect a person. This happens in real life. A person who feels like he or she has nothing to live for will go on a self-destructive phase. Care goes out the window. Alcohol becomes a friend as it can numb the pain even for a bit.

Looking at it, Thor in Endgame has shown that even the mightiest Avenger can succumb to the void of depression.

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