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My name is dann. and I’m here to help your brand traverse the world of digital.

My Digital Marketing Services

Website Development

Need help with your company or brand’s website? I can help develop innovative solutions for your needs.

Content Writing

Content is King! I can help write for your website, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, ads, and more.

Online Advertising

Facebook ads and Google Adwords are great platforms to reach out and get to your audience quickly.


Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role for websites and other online channels today.

Data Analytics

How are your campaigns going? Make sure we have proper tracking and reports for your marketing.

Content Marketing

Strategize to create the right content, for the right platform, at the right time.

From my Blog

Above the Fold – Does it Matter?

Above the fold content originally referred to the top portion of the newspaper that you can clearly see without having to unfold it. Like in the main image, you can easily see the headline and some of the most important information without have to touch the newspaper. It can sit in its rack and the text is visible. This is why it is considered prime real estate.

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Importance of Flexibility in Writing

For me, there are two kinds of writers; first are those who are so good and in tune in what they do that they stick to that style alone. Second are those who understand what is needed out of them and are able to adjust to the situation. Generally, one is not better...

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5 Reasons why your Business Needs a Website

We live in the digital age where even an eleven year old can find more information in a few clicks of a smart phone than spending hours in the library. This is now the norm. And businesses need to get on with the times. This is why a website is very important, even for smaller businesses.

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The Best Time to Post on Social Media

Over the years I have been able to work with a lot of different companies in varying industries. The one thing that they normally ask is to help build their social media profiles and increase their sales using these platforms like it’s a magic wand. And as most people who have worked on digital platforms would know, social media marketing is no magic. But with the right attitude, data, and consistency, this can be a powerful platform to build a brand.

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

2018 is about to say farewell in a few short weeks and a new year is upon us! So what should we expect in 2019? For one, we can expect a closure in Thanos' saga once Avengers 4 hits theaters. But from a digital marketing standpoint, there's a lot of new things that we...

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Website Maintenance 101

A website is a business or brand’s home on the internet. Think of it as the storefront of the business. Everything else done on the internet is to get people into the website in order to convert them into sales or whatever the goal of the site is. It is where the action happens, so to speak. So it is important to keep the website maintained and well-oiled to serve the general public. That in mind, here is a checklist of how to maintain a website.

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About Me

My name is Dann Fong. I’m a writer, web developer, cyclist, and a work-from-home husband since 2017.

As a content writer, my career started in 2008. Since then, I have studied, experimented with, and learned different aspects of digital marketing to go along with my writing.

Today, I focus on providing my clients with good content for their brands along with services to help their audiences find that content. Quality content is important, it is king. But, you need to get it exposed to the audience through the right platforms.

This is why I provide other services as well which includes web development, SEO, and more.