One of the biggest advantages of Digital Marketing over traditional means is that it is easier to gather data about customers and target market. Once a potential customer gets to your business’ website, you are able to get important data from them which will help you make better marketing decisions. Where do they click? What pieces of content are most visited? Which items are mostly being viewed?

All of these questions are answered by data analytics. By gathering these you will get an outline of how your customers want to interact with your website and you can adjust your content or even design to fit them.

For example, you are selling two products, A and B. You find that A is selling twice as fast as B on a weekly basis. With this data you can actually adjust your operations by ordering more A than B. But if you dig even deeper you might find out more.

How much time are visitors spending on each product? Do they browse through their descriptions and images? Using data analytics, you may find that the reason B is not selling that well is because people don’t get the information they want to make an informed decision before purchase. You can test that by adding new information and/or even new images.

Another reason A might be selling more than B is because there’s better promotion for it. Back track on how you’ve promoted each and how these campaigns performed. This will show that the campaign style for A might be more effective and if you apply that to B then it could turn the corner for its sales numbers.

On the surface it may look simple but as you dive in deeper into the data you will see that there are more opportunities that are opening up for your business to make money. And this can happen in a matter of hours or days. So when it comes to your Digital Marketing, don’t forget to regularly check your numbers. They could have a lot to say.

If you need help in setting up your data analytics or doing interpretation of your data, send me a message and let’s see what we can learn from your numbers.