Staying in Bike Shape During Quarantine

For most of us cyclists, staying in shape means riding at regular intervals. Some ride once a week, others are fortunate enough to ride every day. But now, we are living in unprecedented times. For the first time, Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines are under an “enhanced community quarantine” which means we all have to stay home to try to reduce people from getting sick due to COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

Staying home essentially means no biking. As cyclists, we need a lot of space. This is a scary thing to face. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in cycling form.

For those who bike every day, when they stop for a week, it just feels so weird once they get back on the saddle. They feel weaker and there is a getting used to process. For those who ride every weekend, missing one ride can make them feel this way as well.

Imagine this for two months. It can mean going back to zero.

I am no doctor or scientist. What I do know is that from experience, there is a deteriorating factor physically. To counteract that, we need new routines.

There are different ways that you can keep in shape.

YouTube Videos

The power of the internet, it’s just so powerful. Now you can log onto YouTube and find so many in-home exercises that target specific areas of your body. You can even find videos that don’t need any equipment. This is way better than not doing anything. It keeps your heart pumping and your body moving which keeps you at a certain physical level.

Smartphone Applications

You can take it one step further by downloading specific phone apps for home exercise and workout. Again, there are a lot of these out there. They are designed as physical exercise plans that you just need to follow to achieve a certain goal.

What’s great about these apps is that you feel a certain level of accountability. It tells you what you need to do and when you need to do it. If you don’t, you get a certain admonishment.

Some apps are even gamified. What this means is that if you follow through with the course, you get points. If you miss out on things, you get less points. This is very helpful for competitive people because there’s a score on the line.

Make your Program

No one knows your body as you do. Well, if you have a nutritionist then that’s a whole different level. Anyway, you can make your program. The first step is to create a goal. For example, you want to maintain or improve your cardio. Then you can find home cardio exercises for home. Dancing, Zumba, and aerobics are good starting points for this.

Remember to always include stretching in your program. This does a lot of wonders for your biking body.

Home Trainers

Having a stationary bike does wonders for keeping your bike body. You get to spin your legs, work on your cadence, and maintain your cardio level.

Then of course some are fortunate enough to have trainers and/or rollers. These are designed to turn your bike into stationary cycling machines. The main advantage of this is that you keep the feel of your bike while getting your exercise in. You ride your bike but you do not need a big space.

The best-case scenario? You have a SMART TRAINER, an unlimited subscription to an app like Zwift, and you have a beautiful outdoor space. All I can say for this setup is, sana all.

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