Biking to Work

I’ve been working since 2008. My first office job was in Makati. So far I’ve also worked in Eastwood, Mandaluyong, Ortigas, and BGC. Since I live in Marikina City, the commute has always been terrible. It’s expensive and the traffic is unbelievable at times.

So in 2013, I made the decision to start biking to work at the urging of a workmate. There were a few of them biking to work when I arrived in that office and they all said it was rewarding. As an avid biker since I was a kid, the thought was very interesting.

Our office was then moved from Mandaluyong to Eastwood which made it easier for me to start biking to work.

We canvassed the new office, found bike racks, and I bought the necessary basic equipment:

  1. A good backpack that can carry my clothes and toiletries
  2. Extra wheel interiors
  3. Bike lights

So then began a new chapter in my life: biking to work. Since then I’ve never looked back. I even bought a folding bike since we moved office again and we were then allowed to bring in folding bikes.

It has been 5 years now and I have to say I can no longer imagine commuting to work on a daily basis. I look forward to the mornings before work and evenings after work just to ride my bike.

Although I will say that biking to work is not for everyone and every type of work. So if you are considering doing this, take time to plan it out and do the right research. Leave a comment if you want some tips and advice from me as well.

I’ll leave this space for when I create an article on tips on biking to work, I’ll link it here.

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