Biking to Work is FUN

Why do you bike to work?

This is a question I am always asked when people first find out that I ride my bike through the busy streets of Metro Manila. While there are many answers to this, like time, traffic, money, my most consistent answer is that I enjoy it. Biking to work is FUN!

First of all, I already love to bike. Antipolo, Cabading, and San Mateo are just some of the places I frequently ride to ever since I was a kid. I like taking long rides as well to Jala-Jala, Tagaytay, Famy, and other places. As long as the opportunity presented itself, I rode.

However, you cannot ride every day. It is a simple fact. Whether it was school, work, or a hangover, I did not always have the opportunity to ride. Until bike to work came into my life.

When I discovered biking to work years ago, I found a way to ride my bike on a daily basis! While Metro Manila traffic isn’t the ideal route, it still beats not getting on my bike.

Saving money, getting to work faster, these are just my excuse to ride my bike. Whenever my parents or significant other would ask me to take a different mode of transportation, I’d simply say it gets me to work easier. Or that it saves me a lot of money. Truth is, I just wanted to ride.

Biking to Work and More

Another reason why I love taking my bike to work is that I can go to or do other things as well. For example, I went on a side trip to Manila after my work in Makati before going home to Marikina. I went there just to have a dumpling in Chinatown. If you drove a car, would you be able to do that on a Tuesday afternoon? I think not. The parking alone would be a nightmare.

Another example is that before going to work, I’d ride up Antipolo just to get some training in. I’d go down Ortigas side then ride to my work. Or maybe just have goto and okoy by Marikina River before speeding off to work.

You see, I get the freedom of having a car, but more! In this day and age, you wouldn’t dare take side trips or delay your travel even with a car because you’d be stuck in traffic. Additional 5min at home translates to more than 30min addition to your travel time with a car. That does not bother me with my bike. I can enjoy and get to work on time.

I know that I cannot keep doing this forever. My time on the saddle is limited. So I take every chance I get to ride my bike. I love it.

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