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Hi. I’m Dann Fong

Professional Background



Bachelor’s Degree – Legal Management
University of Santo Tomas

Work History

Web Content Writer

I created several articles a day covering various topics such as travel and health. As Content Manager, I made sure all websites are updated with proper content whether articles, videos, or images.

SEO Web Content Manager
LWS Media, Inc.

I oversaw the implementation of SEO for clients including building backlinks, on-page SEO, reporting, and blog updates. I also managed a team of writers, editors, and link builders.

Social Media Director/SEO Project Manager
EndlessRise, Inc.

I created and managed a Social Media team to handle several client campaigns. We created accounts for clients, developed content updates, and helped grow their following.

I was also in charge of developing strategies, processes and overall goals for the Social Media department

As an SEO Project Manager, I also helped in developing strategies for the company and the clients based on their goals. 

Senior Analyst – Digital Marketing Team Lead

I was the initial lead for the Digital Marketing & Analytics team under the Managed Services Department based in Manila. The team works with different stakeholders within Accenture to accomplish web marketing projects including website SEO, Social Media, and Analytics.

I also acted as the department’s Technology POC, CPP SPOC, and Asset Custodian.

Digital Marketing Manager
Hinrich Foundation

As the Digital Marketing Manager for Hinrich Foundation, I was in charge of managing the website updates and maintenance along with overseeing all social media campaigns, paid advertising, and email marketing.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Today, I am a Digital Marketing Consultant working with several clients from all over the globe. I share what I know and assist my clients in Web Development, Website Management, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Digital Analytics, Online Advertising, and many more. 

The internet is a vast space. I can help guide you through this digital landscape and together, we can achieve your goals. 


Articles Written


Hours Worked

Current Blogs

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My Story

So. Here’s my website. At long last. I don’t really like writing about myself especially in the third person but I need the keywords so here goes…

Dann Fong has started his career in 2008 as a freelance writer creating content for blogs, websites, e-books, and many more. This eventually transitioned to learning about Search Engine Optimization or SEO during his first office job. He did SEO for many, many…many types of websites.

For the next couple of years, Dann Fong began training himself in different facets of digital marketing. Whenever there was a new opportunity to try something new, he took it. Some were great experiences and led him to learning useful skills such as WordPress Development, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and PPC to name a few. He was even fortunate enough to have been able to manage teams of marketers and work as Project Manager where he learned important soft skills such as people management, project management, and many more.

He still uses these skills whenever needed but today, Dann Fong is focusing on establishing himself as a valuable Content Writer.

In the last few years, Dann Fong has realized that he has become a jack-of-all-trades in the digital industry. However, he is a master of none. It is a good position to be in but he felt a little lost at times. With some soul searching, he re-kindled his love for writing when, for the first time in his life, he created and managed his own blog.

Today, Dann Fong focuses on honing his craft as a content writer. He wants nothing more than to help deliver well-written articles to help people in finding useful information whenever they do an internet search.

To learn more about my professional background, you can check my LinkedIn Account here.


Aside from being able to provide people useful information, Dann Fong hopes to be able to complete and publish his own book someday. He has plans in working on both fiction and non-fiction books.

My Skills

Content writing, marketing, SEO, HTML, a lot of people can do these things individually. What makes me different as a digital marketer is I understand how all of these things are interconnected. This helps me deliver what my clients need.

  • Content Writing
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO On Page Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • HTML

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